As our national economy expands, it’s important that we make increased use of modern handling techniques so that costs are reduced. However, if the equipment is misused, or used in an unsafe manner, the resulting damage and possible injury can far exceed the savings achieved.

Accidents involving lift trucks feature prominently in accident statistics, both in damage to property and injury to personnel. Many of these accidents should never occur since they are caused directly as a result of lack of knowledge and skill. It is a fact that most accidents are caused through lack of training or inadequate training of operators of these machines and their supervisors.


Any one attending a course will learn there is a legal requirement for all Lift Truck operators to be properly trained, tested and certificated, and then for their employer to issue written authorization to allow operation of the particular machines on which the operator has received adequate training and certification.

However, in addition to the important aspects of safety in the operation of these type of machines, it must also be remembered that a typical Fork Lift Truck can cost and weigh more than a car! Therefore it should be operated in a professional and careful manner, not only to reduce damage to the goods being carried, but also to the plant and machinery itself but also to obtain the maximum efficiency and value from an expensive machine.

It should be noted that training is the first step towards safety and efficiency in the workplace. Through the operator putting the training into practice at all times both competence and confidence is developed to a professional level resulting in greater productivity.


We are an Accredited Training Provider established in 2003

Our training is to a very high standard and meets all the relevant legal requirements. We understand that training is an expensive investment for any employer, but in order to meet workplace legal requirements and ensure employee safety, it is an absolute imperative.